BBQ Cleaning in Brentwood

This bbq cleaning in Brentwood went so well we had to share it. Come take a look at the benefits of a regular grill cleaning and learn about one of the many reasons we love LYNX brand outdoor grills.

  • a clean grill with no grease after a deep clean service. The stainless steel has a near mirror shine
  • photo of a dirty LYNX bbq covered in grease and in need of a cleaning

We love a good LYNX grill, and this fine unit was no exception. This is a repeat customer and a fine example of the difference that a regular deep clean schedule can make. This customer first hired us over a year ago. As you can see, our cleaning services have kept this grill looking like new, despite its condition when we first arrived.

If you have a LYNX bbq, you’ve got a great grill on your hands. The LYNX ignition system is reliable and easy to troubleshoot, making igniter repair a breeze. Unlike the traditional ignition system which involves a spark arcing to or near the burners to ignite the propane or natural gas, LYNX has upgraded to a hot-surface glow-plug igniter since L series. It no longer sparks, but instead features a hollow metal tube with an electrode that glows red hot to ignite. How cool is that!

If your grill won’t light and you think it might be the igniter, check out our Troubleshooting Guide

PS, these igniters use a transformer, not a battery! So check your lights and outlets instead to rule out electrical problems

Whether it’s grill installation, igniter repair, or bbq cleaning in Brentwood call or text us today to schedule your appointment. Because nobody likes a filthy grill.

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