Which BBQ cleaning service is right for me?

The worst part about cooking outdoors is cleaning up afterwards, or more accurately: finding a good bbq cleaning service that will do it for you without breaking the bank, or your grill! With all the different products and services out there, many people choose to postpone regular grill maintenance. Luckily, the grill service experts at SoCal Grill Cleaning are here to help. Our most popular service is the deep cleaning service. If your grill looks like the one below, it may be time to schedule a cleaning!

Greasy grills do NOT mean extra flavor.

When choosing the right bbq cleaning service, consider the state of your grill and when it was last cleaned. A deep clean may be an unnecessary expense when a basic cleaning service would do. Conversely, a basic cleaning may be enough for a small get together. But you may wish to consider a more extensive option for a larger gathering. Nothing beats the “Did you get a new grill?” questions when they take a peek under the hood. Our deep cleaning process is guaranteed to leave your grill looking as shiny as the day you brought it home. If we had a dollar for every time a customer told us their grill looked like new again we’d be able to buy a whole new grill. (and not one of the ones in front of Home Depot, I’m talking a Kalamazoo)

Regardless of whether you choose a basic cleaning or a deep cleaning, our grill service experts are here to help. Every BBQ cleaning service that we provide includes troubleshooting at no extra cost. We will check your ignition and gas flow so you know you’re ready when it’s time to get cooking. (Who has time to go looking for a lighter anyway? The steaks are waiting!) If there any any repairs needed, our technicians will inform you immediately.

Shiny and clean and ready to impress the neighbors again.


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