Built-in Grill Cleaning in Pacific Palisades

image of a greasy, dirty Grand Turbo brand outdoor bbq grill

This built-in grill cleaning in the Pacific Palisades was some of our finer work. This Grand Turbo was well coated in grease after a summer of great outdoor cooking. After only a few hours of some dirty work, our technicians were able to deep clean every nook and cranny until it shined. With regular grill cleaning service, we will be able to keep this grill looking this good for many years to come. 

Our deep cleaning service relies on steam power to melt away layers of grease and grime rather than steeping your cooking utensils in harsh chemicals. Your outdoor bbq deserves a professional cleaning from the grill experts at Southern California Grill Cleaning. While performing our cleaning services, our technicians will check your gas flow and ignition systems to diagnose any potential issues. Many common problems can be solved with a deep clean, but for those stubborn issue that may need repair, we’ve got you covered.

All of our cleaning services include troubleshooting your ignition system and gas flow at no additional cost. Many minor repairs can be performed even without any special tools or hardware. To learn more about troubleshooting your grill, check out our Troubleshooting Guide now available for free download.

There are many ways to maintain your BBQ but by far the most important thing you can do for your grill is keep it covered when you are not using it. That beautiful salty sea air that is so great for our peace of mind is not so great for your grill. Fortunately, with regular deep cleaning we can keep you grilling through those long summer nights. Don’t have a cover anymore? We recommend our friends over at The Cover Store for all of your outdoor kitchen needs.

If you’re looking to for a built-in grill cleaning in the Pacific Palisades, call or text today to schedule an appointment.

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