Grill Cleaning Service Job In North Hollywood

Grill Cleaning North Hollywood

As Spring is getting underway, lots of people are getting their grills ready to use, which means we’ve been BUSY. These are just a few of the jobs we did in the last week.

Grill Cleaning North Hollywood BBQ Cleaning North Hollywood

This grill cleaning service job was in North Hollywood. It was at a beautiful home that was being listed for sale. The owner wanted to make sure that the grill was in top condition before presenting the home to potential buyers. We get a lot of jobs like this from sellers who don’t want a filthy grill to detract from their otherwise beautiful home, and also new owners who recently purchased their home and need to have the grill that came with the home cleaned and repaired prior to using it. We cleaned this beautiful DCS grill and made the customer very happy.

If you’re in need of a grill cleaning service in North Hollywood or any other area in Los Angeles County, call us at 310-925-5971, or follow the link on our website to request service. We clean, repair, and install all brands of grills.