Exceeding Your Grill Cleaning Expectations

If you are looking for a quick clean up before or after a party, or just want to spruce your grill up a bit between deep cleaning services, we recommend a basic grill cleaning service. Our basic cleaning includes TWO HOURS of cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing your cooking grates and heat diffusers, vacuuming out the heater box, and cleaning and polishing the exterior of your grill. 

Our basic cleaning service is NOT recommended for grills over 32 inches.


surface cleaning


We take food safety seriously here at Southern California Grill Cleaning and Repair. That's why we have a multistep process in place as a part of our grill cleaning process to ensure that the cooking surfaces that your food comes in contact with are not only cleaned and degreased, but sanitized as well.
We begin with abrasives like a wire wheel brush to remove all burnt on remnants of food and pieces of char left behind from the last cookout. After that, we use steam reaching up to 327°F to melt away any grease or grime left behind and kill any bacteria.



Removing the internal components gives us access to parts of your grill that would ordinarily go untouched. The layers of grime and piles of char that accumulate underneath the grates, trays, and burners can pose a serious health and safety risk to your family, not to mention the risk of ruining your dinner with a grease fire that you can't reach.
By regularly vacuuming out the debris that accumulates at the bottom of your heater box, we are able to reduce the risk of fire, contamination, and pests.

What is included?

Our basic cleaning includes 2 hours of cleaning, degreasing, and polishing. It is not recommended for grills over 32 inches. 

  • Removal of burnt food particles from cooking grates using abrasives.
  • Degreasing cooking grates with steam power.
  • Vacuuming debris from the heater box.
  • Degreasing the drip tray/grease trap.
  • Cleaning and polishing the exterior surfaces.
  • Inspecting internal components for damage.
  • Test and troubleshoot gas flow and ignition systems.
  • Recommendations for replacements or repairs.
  • Product recommendations for maintenance.

Will my grill look brand new?

Our basic clean is more more maintenance than it is restoration, though we do offer that too! If “like new” is what you are after, check out our Deep Cleaning or Restoration services. 

This service is focused on the most important part of food safety when it comes to your outdoor grill: the grates! Scrubbing the charred pieces of food off is only half the battle, and we are more than happy to go to war against grease and grime for you. Our steam cleaning process not only degreases your cooking grates without the use of harsh chemicals, but it also sanitizes! Our steam cleaners reach temperatures up to 327°F, hot enough to kill harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness. 

As a complementary part of all of our cleaning services, we will troubleshoot your gas flow and ignition systems and discuss what we’ve found with you before leaving. If any repairs are needed, you can rest assured that the grill service experts at Southern California Grill Cleaning will take care of you. If we can’t fix it, we can help you replace it and even haul away the old one too.