Exceeding Your Grill Cleaning Expectations

Our most popular grill cleaning service is our Deep Clean. Our technicians clean your grill inside and out, treating it as it were their own. Cost ranges from $350-$600+ depending on the size of the grill.


We take food safety seriously here at Southern California Grill Cleaning and Repair. That's why we have a multistep process in place as a part of our deep cleaning process to ensure that the cooking surfaces that your food comes in contact with are not only cleaned and degreased, but sanitized as well.
We begin with abrasives like a wire wheel brush to remove all burnt on remnants of food and pieces of char left behind from the last cookout. After that, we use our industrial steam cleaners to melt away any grease or grime left behind and killing bacteria.



During each deep cleaning service, we remove each internal component to inspect and clean individually. This allows us to troubleshoot any potential issues in gas flow or the ignition system or make any recommendations for new parts. With a regular maintenance schedule, we can prevent issues like clogged burners from interfering with your dinner plans.
We tailor our process to meet the needs of your grill. Not every grill has the same components and not all components are going to require the same upkeep. Our technicians are trained in how to best service a wide range of materials and parts and what to keep a look out for to keep your grill at its best.


Removing the internal components gives us access to parts of your grill that would ordinarily go untouched. The layers of grime and piles of char that accumulate underneath the grates, trays, and burners can pose a serious health and safety risk to your family, not to mention the risk of ruining your night with a grease fire that you can't reach.
Our tried and true deep cleaning method includes not only scraping and vacuuming the charred pieces of food at the bottom of your grill to reduce the fire hazard, but also sanitizing and degreasing the interior of your grill with steam reaching temperatures over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


Rest easy knowing that we care about your outdoor kitchen, patio, or balcony and we not only clean your grill, but also take care to protect the surrounding area from any stray grease as well. Our technicians come armed with paper and plastic to make clean up a breeze.
Once the interior of your grill is cleaned and degreased, it's time to make the outside shine too. Our technicians come armed with stainless steel cleaner and polish that will have your grill shining brighter than ever.

Will my grill look brand new?

Your grill will be cleaned, degreased and polished and most of our customers would agree that our results are better than they could have ever expected. Every grill is different from its manufacturing materials to its history of use. There are some conditions like rust, deep stains, and discoloration that simply can not be cleaned away and there is not a single company that can genuinely guarantee a brand new grill grill after a cleaning. If you’re looking for “like new” service, you may be looking for a restoration.

A clean and polished grill is miles better than a greasy dirty one. Our reviews speak for themselves because our deep cleaning process works.

Our technicians begin the process by protecting the surrounding area with paper and plastic to prevent any stains or drippings from damaging your deck, patio, or backyard while we remove the internal components of your BBQ. We take special care to focus on the grates of the grill, the surfaces where your food touches. Our technicians will first clean the grates using wire wheels and abrasives to remove all traces of burnt on food, then degrease the grates with our commercial grade steam cleaners without the use of any harsh chemicals.

During this time, our technicians will be able to take note of the condition of your grates, checking for splitting, pitting, and rust. The heat trays, heat dividers, brackets, and burners will be cleaned and degreased using the same process while inspecting for damages, including unclogging the burner holes to aid in even heat distribution.

Before putting everything back together, our technicians will scrape off any burnt food or grease from the sides and bottom of your grill and vacuum it directly out of the heat-box, ensuring the surrounding area will be just as clean as your grill. We will then turn the steam cleaner onto the interior of the grill, melting away the layers of grease, grime, and gunky build-up. This process may produce differing results depending on the materials your grill is made from, stainless steel or otherwise. Regardless of the construction of your grill, it will be free from grease and grime, guaranteed.

Finally, we test the grill and polish the exterior. All of our cleaning services include testing the ignition systems, gas flow, and basic troubleshooting to make recommendations. Our technicians will take the time to go over the results with you, pointing out any damages and demonstrating the functionality of the grill before leaving. 

We may not be able to guarantee that your grill will look brand new when we are done, but our process and our results speak for themselves. With regular appointments, we can maintain your grill at its best for many years to come. Call now to set up your regular grill cleaning schedule and enjoy a discount as well as the peace of mind that the invest you’ve made into family dinners and summer BBQs is well cared for.