The Ultimate Grill Service Package.

The grill restoration is our most extensive service best suited for those who are looking to add value to their home. The service itself includes not only cleaning and degreasing, but the repairs and replacements to give your grill the overhaul it needs to look like new again. Our grill experts will spend as many hours as it takes over 2 days or more to provide you with the highest quality grill restoration.

Price provided by consultation only.

Any Brand, Any Grill, No Problem.

Will my grill look brand new?

You grill will never look better. Our total grill restoration is the closest you can come to a new grill without buying a new grill. Every inch of your grill from the interior to the exterior, and every nook and cranny will be  cleaned, polished, inspected, and cleaned again. From inspecting your wiring harness to tightening the bolts on the hood to drilling out the holes on your burners, you can expect nothing less than the most extensive grill restoration performed by the grill experts at Southern California Grill Cleaning. This multi-day process is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

A well designed outdoor kitchen is an investment and nothing adds more property value than a fully restored top of the line barbeque grill. A deep clean is just the beginning. Over the years, parts go bad. The inside of a grill is a harsh environment of extremes and the materials can only take the beating for so long before your equipment needs an overhaul. 

Heat diffusers, briquette trays, collection boxes, ignition modules. These are the parts of a grill that take a beating every time the grill is fired up. A grill will be okay without replacing them, but we’re not here to provide okay service. We’re here to bring the shine and sparkle back to your outdoor kitchen in a way that you haven’t seen since the day it was installed. They’ll never know that day was actually 15 years ago and your grill has cooked dinners by the dozens since then.

Even a grill that hasn’t been touched in years is going to have hidden problems that a basic cleaning won’t fix. Years of neglect can lead to rodent infestation, water damage to the transformer, corrosion to ignition systems, and blocked gas flow. Rusted grates, broken electrodes, frozen valves, chewed wires. These are all common problems among neglected grills and can be serious enough to turn your investment into a liability. When a grill can’t be fired up, your outdoor kitchen loses a lot of value.


If you want your used grill to look brand new, there is only one thing to do.