Simplifying Your Installation Experience

Installing a new grill can be a complicated confusing matter. Leave it to the pros and save yourself the headache. Our grill experts knows which measurements to take to ensure that your new grill will be a perfect fit. Whether its time for an upgrade, replacement, or a brand new feature, our team will install, inspect, and test your new grill for you. We will go over the functionality and maintenance of the grill with you and even haul away the old one when we are done. 

Cost varies on grill and location. $200 – $400+

Why Hire A Professional?

Buying a new grill can be confusing. A 36″ grill doesn’t fit into a 36″ hole. There is no standard size between brands so a 32″ Lynx may not fit into the same space that a 32″ Grand Turbo once occupied. Outdoor kitchens are usually custom built around the grill, and when replacing the grill there are many factors to consider other than just size. The design of the grill and the structure come into play when the regulator is no longer on the same side as the original unit. Does the new grill have a power supply, or a rotisserie? Is it the same depth or will there be empty space, or raised edges?

The variety of hardware used even within a brand can be off-putting to an overwhelmed DIYer. (Have you ever been to the fittings section of your local hardware store?) Mistakes can be costly and even dangerous when installing a gas grill. Natural gas and propane are going to have different parts. Many grills often come with a hose that is just slightly too small, but without the professional expertise you may never know what that whistling sound is.

If a grill doesn’t fit into an existing structure, you may not know until it is unpacked and halfway into your counter or even falling through it. Your options then become alter the structure, or go through the hassle of returning the grill and exchanging it for a new one. You can hire masons, contractors, welders, or exterior designers to fix the mistake and end up costing yourself hundreds if not thousands in backyard renovations, not to mention the time involved in either repairs or exchanges.

Or you can hire the professionals that know what to look for, what measurements to take, and how to find what you need the first time. We have relationships with local BBQ companies and we have years of experience finishing and fixing the installations started by those without the expertise.