This grill in Venice had seen some better days but after a good cleaning, it’s shining again like it hasn’t in years. There isn’t much we can do about heat discoloration; that’s just a sign of a well-used grill. But there isn’t a speck of grease left on this bad boy. Nothing beats a shiny grill on a brand new deck.

Speaking of decks, grill cleaning is dirty work and that’s why our expert grill technicians come prepared with everything they need to protect your backyard or patio. We use plastic sheeting to protect decks, walls, counters, furniture, and any other surrounding areas that may be at risk of staining. These happy customers had just built a beautiful new deck that hadn’t even been sealed yet. Not a spot was left on it when we were done, nothing but a clean grill.

Our deep cleaning process relies on steam to melt away any grease, grime, or build-up on your grill, not harsh or toxic chemicals. So you can rest easy knowing that your backyard bbq cookout is going to be clean and safe for everyone.

We’ll be back again to perform another cleaning on this grill in 6 months to keep it looking and functioning like new for a long, long time. If your grill is caked in grease and grime, don’t hesitate to call today and schedule an appointment! #NoOneLikesAFilthyGrill