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Indeed with a 5 star rating, it is clear who the top rated grill cleaners near me are. Given that Southern California Grill Cleaning boasts a whopping 95 google reviews and a 5.0 star rating. With what customers are saying, it’s no surprise. But don’t take my word for it, the ratings and results speak for themselves.  After all, a picture says a thousand words, but a before and after comparison speaks volumes.

before image of a dirty lynx brand bbq grill covered in grease and grime
before image of a dirty lynx brand bbq grill covered in grease and grime

This LYNX outdoor grill is large and in charge, and after an afternoon with us it is shiny, fresh, and clean again. We have been maintaining this grill for years, so this grill will have many years to come to outdoor cooking. And thus, many more layers of grime to clean as well. 

Generally speaking, it’s no secret that cleaning a grill is hard work. Obviously between the sunny SoCal weather, and the tough caked on grime, it’s no walk in the park! Finding grill cleaners near me starts to look like a really good idea when faced with an afternoon of scrubbing grease and grime off the old bbq. Nonetheless, we have elbow grease to spare here at SoCal Grill cleaning and we are happy to take care of that for you.

Not all grill cleaners can say this but every deep cleaning service includes full system troubleshooting as well. Firstly, our technicians remove all internal components to clean and inspect each individual piece. So, if there is a problem in your gas flow or ignition system, we will find it. At the end of the grill cleaning service we go over our results with you, demonstrating the function of the grill and explaining any repairs that are necessary or soon to be on the horizon. With Southern California Grill Cleaning and Repair there is no need to search for bbq repair and grill cleaners near me, because we can handle it all!

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