We want to clean your grill!

We want to clean your grill!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we want to clean your grill! It’s a dirty job, and none are more prepared than the grill service experts at Southern California Grill Cleaning. When it comes to grilling and outdoor cooking, it’s all fun and games until it comes to clean up. We disagree. It’s all fun and games when it comes to clean up. There are as many grill cleaning “hacks” out there as there are grills, and most of them don’t work. (The grills and the hacks!) That’s where we come in.

If you’ve tried to clean your grill with an onion and thought it was good enough, check out our results and let us know if you still prefer the onion. Some may boast of the antibacterial properties of an onion, but we prefer the antibacterial properties of 300+ degree steam. An onion can’t melt off layers of grease and grime, we tried! But by all means, don’t take our word for it. Experience is the best teacher after all, just don’t forget who to call when you start running out of onions and elbow grease. 😉

Grease? Check. Grime? Check. Burnt bits of food? Check. Is it my birthday already? You shouldn’t have!

This LYNX grill in Beverly Hills had been well used, well loved, and absolutely coated in well, gunk. We’re not scared of a little grease here at SoCal Grill Cleaning and by the time our technicians were done, you’d never know there was any grease at all. “Like new” you say? Well gosh, if you insist. With regular cleaning and maintenance we will keep this grill in it’s prime even longer than George Clooney. (That’s a loooong prime)

With a lot of steam, a bit of time, and a touch of degreaser, we can have any grill prepped and ready for hosting an event, cookout, or family dinner. In fact, our deep cleaning service even includes troubleshooting your ignition system and gas flow for any issues. (Try doing that with an onion!) This LYNX grill will be ready for the next sunny Beverly Hills afternoon to cook up something tasty.

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