Exceeding Your Expectations

 We will clean your grill, barbeque and outdoor kitchen like it was our own.


If you are looking for a quick clean up before or after a party, or just want to spruce your grill up a bit between deep cleaning services, we recommend a basic grill cleaning service. Our basic cleaning includes TWO HOURS of cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing your cooking grates and heat diffusers, vacuuming out the heater box, and cleaning and polishing the exterior of your grill

Cost $300


If your grill is not functioning properly, we will assess the problem and make recommendations for repair and provide you with an estimate of repair costs. During each cleaning service we will inspect all components and assess the need to repair or replace them and provide you with an estimate of the cost to repair or replace. We can also deliver and assemble your new grill and haul away your old grill.

Service Fee $200
Repairs $95 per additional hour, plus parts
Assembly/Conversion Call for pricing


DEEP CLEANING This is the best choice if your BBQ hasn't been cleaned in over a year. We disassemble and clean all grill parts, including grates, heat tents, burners, and warming racks; deep clean grill box to remove built-up grease and carbon; clean and shine all exterior surfaces. The deep clean service is best done every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often your grill is used.

Cost  $350-$600+


Over time, dirt, grime, and other stains build up on your driveway, patio, deck and the exterior of your house. This can include moss, oil stains, rust, paint, and dirt. Using high-pressure water directed through a specialized nozzle, we can clean these areas, making them sparkle and look their best. In addition to the areas mentioned above, we also clean siding (the exterior of your house), fences, roofs, pavers, rain gutters, and most other exterior surfaces.

We can provide an estimate based on a photo or in-person inspection.

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Will my grill look brand new?

Your grill will be cleaned, degreased and polished and most of our customers would agree that our results are better than they could have ever expected. Every grill is different from its manufacturing materials to its history of use. There are some conditions like rust, deep stains, and discoloration that simply can not be cleaned away and there is not a single company that can genuinely guarantee a brand new grill grill after a cleaning.

A clean and polished grill is miles better than a greasy dirty one. Our reviews speak for themselves because our deep cleaning process works.

Our technicians begin the process by protecting the surrounding area with paper and plastic to prevent any stains or drippings from damaging your deck, patio, or backyard while we remove the internal components of your BBQ. We take special care to focus on the grates of the grill, the surfaces where your food touches. Our technicians will first clean the grates using wire wheels and abrasives to remove all traces of burnt on food, then degrease the grates with our commercial grade steam cleaners without the use of any harsh chemicals.

During this time, our technicians will be able to take note of the condition of your grates, checking for splitting, pitting, and rust. The heat trays, heat dividers, brackets, and burners will be cleaned and degreased using the same process while inspecting for damages, including unclogging the burner holes to aid in even heat distribution.

Before putting everything back together, our technicians will scrape off any burnt food or grease from the sides and bottom of your grill and vacuum it directly out of the heat-box, ensuring the surrounding area will be just as clean as your grill. We will then turn the steam cleaner onto the interior of the grill, melting away the layers of grease, grime, and gunky build-up. This process may produce differing results depending on the materials your grill is made from, stainless steel or otherwise. Regardless of the construction of your grill, it will be free from grease and grime, guaranteed.

Finally, we test the grill and polish the exterior. All of our cleaning services include testing the ignition systems, gas flow, and basic troubleshooting to make recommendations. Our technicians will take the time to go over the results with you, pointing out any damages and demonstrating the functionality of the grill before leaving. 

We may not be able to guarantee that your grill will look brand new when we are done, but our process and our results speak for themselves. With regular appointments, we can maintain your grill at its best for many years to come. Call now to set up your regular grill cleaning schedule and enjoy a discount as well as the peace of mind that the invest you’ve made into family dinners and summer BBQs is well cared for.